WIFIPOWER Applications notes


WP - Application Note 1:

Detail examples of product installations WP-PANEL-REL2, WP-PANEL-REL4 and WP-PANEL-SW8

 WP_Application_Note1 - V1.1 FR



WP - Application Note 2:

Detail the installation of WP-PANEL-SW8 to control up to 8 wire drivers electric heaters.

 WP_Application_Note2 - V1.2 EN



WP - Application Note 3:

Control a WP-PANEL-REL4 with an Arduino shield.

TOCTOCdomotique store

TOCTOC domotique release a tutorial : http://domotique34.com/piloter-un-module-4-relais-de-wi-fipower-avec-une-carte-arduino-ethernet/



WP - Application Note 4:

Control a WP-PANEL-REL2 with PHP script on NAS SYNOLOGY.

Bientot disponible



WP - Application Note 7:

PYTHON Script to control WP product with the USB HID link.

"It is in python, and works in Linux and Windows. I'm using it on a raspberry pi.
It requires pyusb, https://github.com/walac/pyusb

This backend script is being used on my system by a server that receives commands from the network. The reason why I'm using the usb interface is that I prefer to handle the security of the network interfaces myself, my server receives from the network connection-less packages that are signed and authenticated with a PKI with a certificate per client device."       

Thanks to Miguel for this file.